Our school has high expectations of pupils, staff, parents and governors alike and we work in close partnership in order to ensure that everyone strives to give of their best.

By treating pupils as individuals and building on their personal strengths, we aim to prepare them to contribute positively to the wider community. We also aim to develop an enthusiasm for learning, which we hope they will carry into adult life

For all pupils we provide:

  • a rich and varied curriculum
  • high quality teaching
  • effective pastoral care
  • excellent well-maintained facilities
  • outstanding academic results.

In return we expect:

  • high standards of work and behaviour
  • a positive attitude to learning
  • a commitment to “improving on our previous best”.

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Parents News


During the Easter break Year 10 Geographers from The Romsey School travelled to Iceland for an unforgettable experience.  Within an hour of arriving at Keflavik Airport it became apparent that there would be an opportunity to see the magical Northern Lights. The group were taken to a viewing station 45 minutes South of Reykjavik and soon found themselves gazing at … Continue reading

Year 10 Exam Revision

Year 10 student, As it is quickly approaching your exams, your teachers at the Romsey School have decided to collect together some vital course information, revision websites and hints & tips that will help you succeed in your preparation for the Year 10 exams, commencing Thursday 27th April. Please take advantage of this booklet and use as many of the … Continue reading

BBC School News Report 2017

            Students from this school will be making the news for real on 16 March 2017 as they take part in BBC News School Report. School Report 2017     You can also take a look at what our students produced in previous years. BBC School News Report 2016 Archive BBC School News Report 2015 Archive


A group of Year 8 pupils from The Romsey School enjoyed meeting author, Matt Dickinson at Thornden School recently and hearing about his experiences of climbing Mount Everest. In addition to writing for young people, Matt works as film-maker for The National Geographic Channel and, in this role, has experienced some of the world’s most challenging climbs. Pupils were fascinated … Continue reading

Romsey Poets at Southampton Festival

Romsey Poets at Southampton Festival Two budding poets from The Romsey School were delighted to be asked to perform at the recent So: to Speak Festival in Southampton. Megan Bowles and Jo Lajeunesse had previously represented the school at the annual Wessex Schools Literary Festival Poetry Slam, with Megan being the eventual winner. They performed their poetry at the Words … Continue reading

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