We place a very high value on enabling our pupils to develop into happy, well-rounded people who are stretched to achieve their best. Pupils are placed in mixed ability tutor groups and each subject sets pupils according to ability at an appropriate time. Setting in English, Maths and Modern Languages takes place early in Year 7. The role of tutors is important in supporting the personal, social and academic development of pupils. Tutors act as academic mentors to their tutees, analysing their working, attainment and attitude levels three times a year (often with parents) and setting appropriately challenging targets.

There is a programme for personal development learning delivered through the drama curriculum in lower school. The Personal Social and Health Education programme is delivered by a specialist team throughout the school and they are supported by tutors in tutor time. It is intended that tutors remain with their group throughout their time in school.

The oversight of the care of pupils is the responsibility of the five year leadership teams and the Deputy Head. The pastoral team maintains close liaison with educational welfare services and parents to ensure as much co-operation and support as possible. The school is open to parents at any time of the day so there are considerable opportunities for parental involvement.

We are very keen that pupils who are new to the school are well looked after. We have peer supporters who are older pupils trained to support their younger counterparts when they join the school and who stay with their tutor group throughout the first year. We are in close contact with all the feeder schools and at least one member of staff will visit each child in each school before they join us.

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Students News


During the Easter break Year 10 Geographers from The Romsey School travelled to Iceland for an unforgettable experience.  Within an hour of arriving at Keflavik Airport it became apparent that there would be an opportunity to see the magical Northern Lights. The group were taken to a viewing station 45 minutes South of Reykjavik and soon found themselves gazing at … Continue reading

Year 10 Exam Revision

Year 10 student, As it is quickly approaching your exams, your teachers at the Romsey School have decided to collect together some vital course information, revision websites and hints & tips that will help you succeed in your preparation for the Year 10 exams, commencing Thursday 27th April. Please take advantage of this booklet and use as many of the … Continue reading

BBC School News Report 2017

            Students from this school will be making the news for real on 16 March 2017 as they take part in BBC News School Report. School Report 2017     You can also take a look at what our students produced in previous years. BBC School News Report 2016 Archive BBC School News Report 2015 Archive


A group of Year 8 pupils from The Romsey School enjoyed meeting author, Matt Dickinson at Thornden School recently and hearing about his experiences of climbing Mount Everest. In addition to writing for young people, Matt works as film-maker for The National Geographic Channel and, in this role, has experienced some of the world’s most challenging climbs. Pupils were fascinated … Continue reading


Year 10 pupils from The Romsey School had a wonderful opportunity to use their language skills when they visited Cupernham Junior School to take part in a Languages Day, organised by Mrs Karen Bolton, who is the languages co-ordinator at Cupernham. The 27 pupils worked with Years 3 – 6 throughout the school day on a range of activities related … Continue reading