Latest Update – Reopening Information

Dear Parents and Students,

The staff body have been busy this week in anticipation of welcoming our students back
to school! I hope that you have found the reopening information on our website useful,
and that our students are looking forward to returning as much as we are looking forward
to seeing you!

I thought it would be helpful to send some final reminders to prepare students for their

  • It will feel like quite a change for many of our returning students. This is because
    there will be far less social distancing than some will be used to, and the school
    will look very different to the one that you left in March. Please watch this video
    together at home before you return to familiarise yourselves with the one-way
    system and our hygiene processes.
  • All students will need to endeavour to keep a two metre distance from adults on
    school site as adults are much more at risk.
  • All students will need to follow our one-way system at all times. Therefore, you
    need to be ready to be more patient than normal because things will definitely
    take longer.
  •  As you will have seen, hand-sanitiser is very important and all students will be
    expected to use this when they enter and leave every classroom.
  • Please check for Covid-19 Signs before coming to school and do not come in if
    you have any signs at all.
  • Please talk as a family about the fact that there will be much more social mixing
    going on. For example, it will not be possible for students to physically distance
    in classrooms. This is an aspect of the next phase of managing ourselves out of
    this pandemic that we will all need to accept.
  • I would recommend this article which includes advice from Psychologists on ways
    in which parents can help with the return to school. In addition, Lorraine Lee is
    leading an interesting Change Management Webinar on September 29 th for
    parents. There is more information via this link.
  • In order to make the best decisions possible, we will be welcoming feedback and
    suggestions from staff, parents and students, and then updating our plan on a
    fortnightly basis. I will send a Google Form link out next week for your input.
  • If you are using public transport to arrive in school, please follow the transport
    guidelines from that organisation.
  • Please reassure our new Year 7 that their only responsibility on Monday 7 th is to
    arrive with a positive attitude and a will to learn. There will be lots of staff on
    hand to welcome them and tell them where to go. All Y7s will then be going
    straight to one of our Marquees at the very start of the day and then they just
    need to follow instructions from there.

Other items:

  • Buses- If you are on a Blue Star or a Wheelers bus, all students (regardless of
    their age) should wear face masks unless they are exempt. Pupils will be able
    to collect their bus passes from their tutors during the first week. Our bus
    companies have agreed that they will collect all students wearing Romsey
    uniform for the first week. The Blue Star No 4 Southampton bus- only for
    Romsey Students – and this will now be called 514 (it will drop off and pickup
    in Romsey Bus Station). The timetable is on our website.[Here]
  • Photographs- Year Y7, 9 and 11 will have their individual photographs taken
    on Wednesday 9th September. They should wear immaculate uniform NOT PE
    kit on that day even if they have PE, Drama or Dance on their timetable.
  • Uniform – We are aware that there have been problems with our uniform
    suppliers and the old uniform will need to be worn until the new versions can
    be attained. Students will not get into trouble for this.
  • Lockers- We are currently sorting out the old lockers and will be in touch
    about applying for a new one in the first week.

Many thanks for taking the time to read this letter and we look forward to seeing all
students next week!

Best wishes,

Mrs Eagle.