African Adventures celebrates its 10th birthday

A big thank you to The Romsey School as African Adventures celebrates its 10th birthday

African Adventures is approaching its 10th anniversary and we want to thank those groups that have been with us along the way and have really supported our objective of changing lives in the UK and Africa; The Romsey School certainly fits into this category! The Romsey School is an extremely valued group of African Adventures’ and we want to thank the school for its support over the years.

Since the first school expedition took place in 2013, an incredible 130 students from The Romsey School have been on one of our School Expeditions to Africa and a further 100 will be travelling this summer and in 2020! We know that The Romsey School has established strong relationships with a handful of our partner projects in Kenya, one being Chaddy Mission School, where the group will be returning this summer. Thanks to The Romsey School’s support, and with other generous help, Chaddy has achieved so much in recent years and is now recognised as one of the best schools in the local area.

The Romsey School is well known within the African Adventures office for the amazing fundraising they do towards their trip; they really do set a great example in how a trip like this is possible with the right planning, enthusiasm and determination. In addition, the school has raised extra funds for our charity, African Adventures Foundation, which have been greatly appreciated.

So, The Romsey School, we want to say a huge thank you for the support you have given us over the years. Your students are a credit to you and we hope that there will be many years of working together to come. Thank you for helping us reach our 10th birthday!