End of Term Parent Newsletter – Friday 8th April 2022

Dear Parents,

I do hope this finds you well. What a term it’s been! There has been much to celebrate at Romsey School. Highlights have included the incredible production of Beauty and the Beast, our wonderful Jazz Cafe evening and our U16 boys’ win in the Southampton Basketball League this week! It was a brilliant match which went down to the last minute. Our students made us extremely proud with their 62:59 win and it’s worth noting that this is first time Romsey has won since 1977. The students’ sustained efforts throughout have been inspiring!

It has been a while since I have updated you with a number of staffing changes. Therefore please can you join me in saying a fond farewell to Ms Prestidge (Heads’ PA) who left Romsey this term after twenty-two years service to our community. Her time at Romsey was exceptional and involved working with four Headteachers and two Executive Heads. After Ms Prestidge’s departure we welcomed Miss Elkins in February as my new Personal Assistant and Office Manager. A second staffing change to share is that of Mr Wyatt (Deputy Headteacher). Due to ill health, Mr Wyatt has made the difficult decision to leave The Romsey School in order to take some time to recuperate and recover. Mr Wyatt would like to express his sincere gratitude for the support and friendship which he has received during his time at the school.  He will miss working with both staff and students greatly, as we will miss him. I will be in touch to update you shortly about the consequent changes within the Senior Team. We also say farewell to Miss Seaby (Music), Miss Stewart (Cover), Miss Cope (Mental Health Practitioner) and Ms Burns (Singing Teacher) who are all leaving today. We send all our departing colleagues our heartfelt thanks and very best wishes as they start new chapters in their careers.

I’d like to finish by saying thanking you all for your support of the school this term, and wishing you all a very happy Easter break.

Kind regards,

Mrs Eagle.

  • Students may also be pleased to hear that (due to popular demand) the Carlos Ice Cream van will be returning to school each Wednesday lunchtime during the Summer Term.
  • If you have changed your contact details since September 2021, please can you email adminoffice@romsey.hants.sch.uk with updated information to enable us to have correct details in case of an emergency.
  • Spring Term reports will be going home with the pupils the first week back after the Easter Holidays.
  • All bus users, please check the previous comms for information regarding bus changes.  If you have any queries, please contact transport@romsey.hants.sch.uk
  • Please remind your children that using any form of public transport in uniform and behaving disrespectfully, means that the provider will take action, but as a school we will as well.

  • HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to the pupils for raising £1321.17 for The British Red Cross through library book sales, as well as the non-school uniform day.
  • School Support during Ramadan
    During Ramadan, we would be grateful if parents could let your child’s Progress Leader know if your child is fasting.  This communication will help us to support your child as best we can during this time.  Students are welcome to use the school’s prayer room which is a small quiet room located at the back of W21 in the MFL Department.
  • However if you would also like a higher level of monitoring to cover access away from home, then it may be that you’d like to subscribe to device based Parental Control software. There are many providers of products which support this as listed below. Qustodio & Kaspersky are rated among the top this year and generally speaking, the higher the subscription the better the protection. Price wise all of the products are a subscription based application except the Microsoft and Apple option but they of course offer limited controls. Please note if you use VPNs to access Netflix etc at home, these products may not work for you as they can be used to bypass safety products.Qustodio is just under £40 pa for a small family with less than 5 home devices. (PC, IOS & Android) – This comes highly recommended
    McAfee Safe Family is just under £40 for 10 devices. (PC, IOS & Android)
    Norton Family is just under £30 pa (PC, IOS & Android)
    Kasperskys Safe Kids is £14.99 pa (PC, IOS & Android)
    Microsoft Family Safety is Free (not IOS)
    Apples Screen Time is Free (IOS Only)

    Monitoring Young People Online 
    The school strongly recommends that all parents monitor your child’s phone and internet use both closely and regularly. It’s worth noting that these days internet providers provide extra controls for parents included within the Broadband Router, so anything at home can be also blocked /controlled by parents. Therefore, your parental controls of your broadband router should always be the starting point as this is normally free. The level of protection given normally halts all devices in the home from accessing content. For more information this site has all the guides from all the main internet providers on how to do this. Go to the section called: Broadband & Mobile Networks and select your internet provider from the list. You may find the ISP will also give the option of a discounted cost for device based parental control software.

    We have just received updated guidance from the DfE. Their isolation advice for respiratory infections refers you to the UKHSA website here. They have moved away from differentiating between Covid-19 and other respiratory infections. Notably: “If you have symptoms of a respiratory infection, such as COVID-19, and you have a high temperature or do not feel well enough to go to work or carry out normal activities, try to stay at home and avoid contact with other people, until you no longer have a high temperature (if you had one) or until you no longer feel unwell.” Therefore, as a school we would advise parents to keep your child off for the previously recommended three days if they have symptoms of COVID-19 and are too unwell to attend school. The school will continue to encourage good hygiene, cleaning regimes and ventilation. Therefore we are continuing with hand-gel and ventilation in our classrooms until further notice.
    There have been so many highlights of this Spring term in Art. These include:

    • Year 7 and 8 Art Club: Designing and painting giant hares for the Hares of Hampshire Public Art Trail soon to be on display in Southampton City Centre, in aid of the Murray Parish Trust to provide funding for Southampton Children’s Hospital
    • Hosting our Thursday lunchtime staff art club and Tuesday lunchtime pupil Art Clubs
    • Year 9, 10 and 11 Art Trip to London in January
    • The designing and making of the giant mosaic for the Romsey Train Station with Joanna Dewfall
    • Making Spirit Animal sculptures with Year 8.
    • Creating Giant Doodle Art with Yr9 and 10 Students

    And next term promises to be even more exciting as these art works go on display and new projects starts…..

    The Romsey School held a celebration of singing concert on Tuesday 5th April. We had over 50 amazing pupils take part and the evening involved choral pieces, along with solo and duet songs. There were accompanied by piano and The Romsey School String Ensemble. Pupils sung a mixture of contemporary popular pieces and traditional choral pieces. It was a wonderful evening celebrating our pupils’ talents, and parents and pupils enjoyed the evening very much.

    Jazz Cafe 2022 took place on 24 March to a packed audience who wined and dined their way through an incredible set list of songs from Diana Ross to What’d I Miss (from the stage show Hamilton). The Jazz Band and Singers accompanied soloists who took to the stage for jazz cover versions of popular songs. Photos Here:

Through a hands on workshop delivered by MyBnk Year 9 students have been learning about the role of banks, different types of bank accounts and how interest works on borrowing and saving.  Students were also given the opportunity to ask questions, which ranged from the role of non fungible tokens (NFTs) to the effect of fuel prices on household budgets.

As part of our rolling curriculum review and refresh in English, Year 9 pupils have been studying a new unit entitled ‘Righteous Rebellion’.  This is a mixed-genre unit that explores how individuals – fictional, historical, and contemporary – have challenged injustice in society. We have been looking at (amongst others): Emma Watson’s address to the United Nations; Charles Dickens’ portrayal of the French Revolution; Emmeline Pankhurst’s ‘I incite this meeting to rebellion’ speech; Nelson Mandela’s call to ‘Make Poverty History’; and John Proctor’s impassioned plea to save his name.  The outcome of this unit will be for pupils to evaluate the ways writers convey their different ideas, viewpoints, and perspectives – great preparation for their GCSE studies at KS4.

Written by two Year 9 students:
On Thursday 31st March, Romsey Primary School Year 2s made a trip to visit our Science Department on a mission to learn about growth. Three activities awaited them; microscopes, seed sowing and a literacy trail. We enjoyed guiding them throughout the day (despite the sudden snow) which helped to teach us leadership skills. We loved their enthusiasm and passion for learning which was encouraging to us! We hope they enjoyed the trip just as much as we did and look forward to seeing them next year.

Within our review of the Geography curriculum we have been exploring current and curious topics which are relevant to pupils and our world including the recent energy crisis and an active role in the Environment Club such as the bird watching activity. The Geography Department have led an exciting and highly rewarding Y11 Iceland trip to provide pupils with lifelong memories alongside the awe of geographical landscapes and cultures.

In PSHE this term, Year 8 have been learning valuable first aid skills. Students used our CPR dummies to learn how to carry out the primary survey, put someone in the recovery position and deliver CPR, as well as learning how to manage several minor injuries and common health conditions. Year 9 have been discussing healthy relationships as part of our Relationships and Sex Education programme. They have explored issues around consent, explicit messaging and controlling relationships. Year 7 have been studying our societal values and how our society functions. They have looked at examples of inspirational figures who use their voice to make a difference, including Michelle Obama, Malala Yousef, Emma Watson and Marcus Rashford. They have also discussed right and wrong and the idea of a moral compass.

  • U14 boys basketball team have won the Soton League plate competition after beating Cantell 45-31 in a thrilling final.
  • The U14 girls basketball team have played some awesome games remaining unbeaten this season and defeating Kings to win the U14 girls title.
  • The U14 and U16 boys badminton teams have acquitted themselves well at the County finals with the U16’s taking 4th place.
  • Well done to all the boys and girls who have represented our football teams over the Winter months.  We have been pleased with their progress, sportsmanship and determination.
  • The netball teams have shown plenty of talent as they closed out their district league matches and we eagerly look forward to next year.
  • The term finished off with the U16 boys Soton League final at the Solent Uni Sports Complex.  The game against St George’s was extremely close as it went back and forth.  The boys held their nerve and won the Cup for the first time since 1977 and only the second time in our history.
  • Since September the Romsey pupils have achieved an amazing 1010 sporting caps!

We now look forward to our Summer programme of athletics, tennis, cricket and rounders – bring it on!

If you would like your child to sign up for either badminton or kick boxing twilight club next term, please use the following link:
Twilight club sign up form

The Learning Support Department has had a busy term, and we are very proud of all that our students and staff have achieved.

  • Pupils have enjoyed various interventions: we have run Social Skills groups, a Lego Therapy group. a Friendship group and an Anger Management group.
  • Pupils recently took part in a very successful Birdwatch, counting the numbers of birds seen around the school  in an hour.  They also helped to build bird boxes.
  • Our Greenforce lead collaborated with the Science department to support a Science morning with pupils from a local primary school.
  • Pupils continue to thrive in our Sports coaching sessions.

We are very proud of our Year 11s who are almost at the end of their time with us- we wish them well.

The Annual Poetry Slam is one of the main events of the School’s Literary Festival which happens in the Summer term.  This year the workshops are being held earlier in the year on the 11th and 23rd May in the School Library.  Matt West from Artful Scribe will be visiting and working with pupils from Years 8,9 and 10 to help them write some fantastic poems.  Mrs Needs has a running list of interested pupils but would encourage anyone else who loves using a microphone and enjoys performing to an audeicne, to take part and to let her know as soon as possible.  Following the Poetry Slam workshops in school, pupils will be selected to represent the school at this year’s Slam Final on Friday 17th June at The Mast Theatre in Southampton where they will compete against other schools to win the coveted trophy.

Library Opening Hours
As a reminder, please see below the opening times of the School Library.  There are also computers and a printer/copier for school work and home learning.
Monday-Thursday 08:30am-04:00pm
Friday 08:30am-03:00pm
Readers Club is on Wednesday