Coronavirus – Advice to Parents Update 20th March

Dear Parents and Carers

I write, following receipt of further guidance from the Department of Education and Public Heath England with regard to the continued Education for ‘Children of Key Workers in Schools.’ Ultimately, the purpose of the school closure as part of the ‘Delay Phase’ in tackling the spread of Corvid 19 and if at all possible, all children should remain at home if they are old enough to look after themselves or have an adult, who is not a key worker or part of a vulnerable group able to supervise them at home.

The school will be running a programme for Children of Key workers from Monday 23rd March. The list of key workers includes the following categories;

  • Working in Health and Social Care
  • Working in Education and Childcare
  • The Key Public Services such as the Justice System, Religious Staff, Journalists
  • Workers essential for the delivery of the Corvid 19 strategy
  • Working in food distribution and production
  • Working in public safety and National security
  • Working in public transport
  • Working in utilities, communication and financial services.

If anyone in the above categories do require your child/children to be at Romsey School, then please can you sign up, requesting this provision using the link on the school’s website. There is clear information about what to do to submit the request.

The link to this form is

Pupils who do need to attend school from Monday should report to the school hall to register at 8.45am. No child should arrive earlier than 8.30am. They are not required to wear uniform. However, it would be useful if they were to bring some trainers and PE kit for more informal activities in the afternoon. There will be a structured programme which will include access to their Google Classroom and they should follow their time-table for that day, spending 30 minutes on each class. They are expected to have their pupil planner with them and register by signing in at the hall. They must get their planner stamped at this point. There will be separate areas for each year group 7 to 10. This is important from a security point of view as well as knowing numbers in case we have to evacuate the school for any reason. At the end of the day, 2.45pm, they will return to the hall and sign out.

For Southampton pupils who use the Wheeler’s buses, these will run as normal from Monday 23rd March to Wednesday 25th March. From Thursday 26th March, there will be a much reduced service, stopping at a small number of places.

Details of the stops will be put on the website once we have them. Each day, pupils should bring their normal school bag to include stationery and books as well as their planner.

Lunch-time provision will be limited and only include a two course hot meal. If your child requires sandwiches or other food, they should bring this from home.

Throughout the duration of the school closure, it will not be possible for parents to have any meetings with staff. If they wish to speak to a member of staff, they should email them requesting a call, giving the best number to contact. Staff have been briefed about maintaining contact with parents in the event of they need to clarify work which has been set on Google Classrooms.

Students who are working at home will be given learning activities to do each day. Your child should use their planner to follow the child’s normal timetable. They should log on to Google Classroom for their subjects for that day and spend around half an hour completing the learning activities for each subject. This work may be part of a longer project, or may be specific activities to complete within that time. Staff have been told to avoid setting work that will require a printer. Your child can ‘submit’ work for marking on the classroom. Please be patient regarding the time that our staff will need to turn this marking around- they will do their best to get it back when feasible and it may take a week or longer. You can support your child’s learning by accessing the parental portal.

Any pupil, regardless of whether they are the child of a key worker, who displays any of the COVID-19 symptoms, should self-isolate as should members of their family, for a minimum of 14 days. Please do not send any child with these symptoms into school.

We will be providing an update for Year 11 pupils and their parents, as soon as we hear any further information. We have given them a good send-off.

We would like to thank you for your support at these difficult times and we will continue to update you on the situation as we hear more information from the Government. These will be daily updates on the website and through email communication even if it is just to indicate that the situation remains unchanged. Teachers have already prepared work for pupils in the event of any closure. This will be on the google classroom for each class. We will also have a page on our website providing links to useful educational sites as well as further updates should we have to close. Should anyone have any concerns about being unable to access educational information electronically for their child, please do not hesitate to contact the school via your child’s tutor.

The latest advice regarding education provision can be found using the links below

Yours sincerely

Mr McKavanagh & Mr de Sausmarez