CoronaVirus – IMPORTANT UPDATE 6th July


Dear parents and students;

I am writing with my weekly update so that you are aware of any changes to how education is going to be provided next week. It is hard to believe that there are only two weeks of term left, with term finishing on 17th July 2020 at 1.00pm. Over the next two weeks, the school will continue to be open for children of key workers, children who have vulnerable status (receiving support from the Early Help Hub, Children’s Services or with an allocated Social Worker including Looked After Children) or have an Education Health Care Plan (EHCP) and there will be a continuation of the full educational programme. If you have not already registered for emergency child care provision and/or education at the school during closure, and wish to do so, please follow this link If you have registered for the provision, you should be receiving an email from Mr Bettiss every Monday morning asking you to book places for the following week – please contact him at if this is not the case.

 The booking for the week beginning 13th July closes at 5.00pm on Thursday 9th July to allow us to plan staffing for the following week. Please note that it is essential that you book a space.  We now have more children on site with 25% of Year 10 pupils on site.  You can also find this link on the School Closure page of the School Website.

 From 20th July 2020 and throughout the summer holidays, parents are able to sign up for the Connect4summer programme should they require childcare arrangements. Details of this can be found by following the link;

Year 10 w/b 6th & 13th July 2020: – We have had another extremely successful week with Year 10 pupils and it is great to know that some more have taken up the opportunity for next week. The registration for the w/b 6th July is now closed. Each of the three cohorts will return for one final day of core lessons (English, Maths and Science) during the week beginning 13th July.  Cohort 1 will attend on Monday 13th July, cohort 2 on Tuesday 14th July and cohort 3 will attend on Wednesday 15th July.

Year 10 practical information: – All Year 10 students should bring full equipment and books etc. on the days they are in school.  Pupils should bring their own calculators as these will be needed.  This equipment should be taken to and from school daily.  The core subjects of English, Maths and Science are taught daily on Monday to Wednesday.  Pupils should arrive at school by 8.45am on these days. Pupils who are making their own way to school or are being brought to school by car should not arrive on site before this time.  On Thursday, option subjects in block A and block B will be taught and on Friday, options subjects in block C and block D will be taught.  Pupils should arrive at 9.45am on these days.  The departure time will be 2.30pm on Thursday and Friday instead of the normal 3.00pm. Pupils should wear full school uniform.  A time-table of each day is included with this letter. (see attachment)

 Year 10 Transport: – Routes and timings for the Southampton buses have been finalised and this information is included with this letter.  The Local Authority transport route will run at the normal times. Parents will not be able to come onto the school site to collect pupils until after the buses have left.

 Year 10 Catering: – It is important that parents load their child’s canteen account in advance as they will not be able to bring cash and use the machines in school


Return to school in September 2020: – You will have heard in the news that there is to be a full return to school in September for all pupils. This is great news and I have no doubt that you will share my enthusiasm for this return.  Schools received very detailed guidance about how a return to school should be managed and senior staff are working their way through this, to come up with a plan which meets the requirements of the Department of Education in terms of a full return to school.  We plan to continue with many of the measures in place such as the one-way system, additional cleaning, hand gels in every classroom etc. There will of course be some logistical changes in terms of pupil movement around the school.  The guidance has also indicated that our dedicated bus services from Southampton and Landford can return to normal.  Once we have worked our way through the full guidance, we will write to you and provide you with greater details about measures we will have in place to keep children staff and visitors safe.  It is anticipated that all pupils will return to school and that it is compulsory from September 2020.  We are however aware that some pupils will be living with a family member who is classified as extremely vulnerable and therefore shielding.  We will therefore look at absence on a case by case basis in line with our usual absence policy. All pupils are expected to return in full school uniform.

School uniform 2020-21: – You will be aware that we have been aiming to move our Year 7-10 into the new uniform by September 2020 for some time now and we’d like to continue with this aspiration. We believe in the importance of all students feeling smart and united in their uniform so that they have a sense of pride in themselves and in being part of their school. Please follow the link to the website for further details.

We appreciate that this is an additional cost for some families and that there will be families who may be facing challenging times financially. Therefore, our Governors have increased the uniform grant to £80 with immediate effect. This is to cover the essential clothing or footwear needed to attend our school. This applies to parents of children in receipt of Free School Meals. However, any parent who is experiencing financial difficulties is welcome to apply for the grant even though your child might not be in receipt of FSM. This is applicable to pupils going into Yr7, 9 and 10 in September but any families in year 8 and 11 in September who are facing difficulties, who didn’t claim during this year are also welcome to put in a claim.  We look forward to welcoming all of our students back in September looking smart and ready for their learning.

Parental visits to the site and communications with pupils: –   The guidance from the Department for Education is that Schools should limit the external visitors to the school during school hours. Parents should come into school buildings only when strictly necessary and by appointment only. This policy will continue into next academic year.  In view of this, we have taken the decision that all appointments regarding pupils, unless absolutely necessary and agreed by the Senior Team will take place via telephone or on-line.

Parents will be unable to drop off forgotten items to pupils – lunches, books etc cannot be passed on. We will be unable to pass on messages to pupils during the day other than via email to teachers unless in an absolute emergency.

Parent support – please do get in touch if you are finding circumstances difficult given that many vital services are closed. You can be assured of our discretion and support.  I have retained the information below from last week’s letter about opening times for the school office, and the Food Delivery service. Please email the school directly, including information about who you wish to speak to.

School office – reception is open from 8.30 – 3.00pm daily.  Although parents are not able to visit site at the moment phone calls and emails will be dealt with as promptly at possible. Queries can be emailed to  All messages will be passed on to the relevant person so that they can get back to you.

Food Deliveries – During these times if you find you are in need please contact the Community Office via email.  We understand that circumstances can change rapidly and we do wish to support all of our community whether you live in Romsey or further afield.

Mr McKavanagh – Headteacher