Coronavirus – Update 27th April 2020

Dear parents and students;

I am writing with my weekly update so that you are aware of any changes to how education is going to be provided next week. Firstly, the school will continue to be open for children of key workers, children who have vulnerable status (receiving support from the Early Help Hub, Children’s Services or with an allocated Social Worker including Looked After Children) or have an Education Health Care Plan (EHCP) and there will be a continuation of the full educational programme which has been provided this week. If you have not already registered for emergency child care provision and/or education at the school during closure, and wish to do so, please follow the link below.

You can also find this link on the School Closure page of the School Website. If you have registered for the provision, you should be receiving an email from Mr Bettiss towards the end of every week asking you to confirm your requirements for the following week. Please contact him directly at for any queries.

As I indicated in my last letter, we are planning to put together a more interactive programme, with some audio/video learning over the coming weeks. This certainly does not replace the core provision which is the work which has been put onto the Google Classroom and it is an expectation that all pupils access and complete this work.  As is always the case with new initiatives, this will develop and improve over time.

The new opportunities for more interactivity and engagement will require careful management and it is certainly not an expectation that all teachers will provide this in addition to the core provision.  Nevertheless, I recognise that there is a need and desire to make progress with the variety of learning platforms. To this end, Mr Lawrenson who oversees the Google Platform has put together some specific guidance for parents which can be accessed by following this link;

It is in video form for ease of access and covers all aspects of virtual learning and home learning. I have shared this with staff so that they are also aware of what we are intending to achieve.  Please do pay particular attention to the final sections relating to expectation of all school staff and do bear in mind their family responsibilities at a very difficult time and how these may affect their capacity to respond quickly to your queries.

The most important thing for pupils is that they have some sort of structure to their day, to ensure their well-being. Those children who do attend school I would like to wear full PE uniform throughout the day.  This will provide a sense of belonging and reassurance without the need to use changing rooms for the afternoon physical activities.

Year 11 Leavers Survey – To help us to improve continually the quality of education that the school provides, it would be very helpful if you could encourage your son/daughter who is in Year 11 only to complete the leavers’ survey, which can be found at:  Please do ask them to read each statement carefully and select the answer which best fits with their views. They will need to be signed into their Romsey School email account to access this survey. Please can you also encourage them to name as many staff as possible within the second section. By doing this we can share their positive messages with the staff at the school. These positive messages really do boost staff morale and make them realise how much your child has valued their input with them during their time at Romsey School. Section 3 contains a very important question about the Prom.

I again wish to offer our support to parents who are finding circumstances difficult given that many vital services are closed. You can be assured of our discretion and support.  I have retained the information below from last week’s letter about opening times for the school office, and the Food Delivery service. Please email the school directly, including information about who you wish to speak to.

School office – for the duration of the school closure the office will only be partially opened some mornings.  Messages will be picked up and dealt with every other day.  All messages will be passed on to the relevant person so that they can get back to you but there will be a delay in response.  If you have a more urgent query then please email: which is checked throughout the day.

Food Deliveries – During these times if you find you are in Food Poverty please contact the Community Office via email.

Buses from Southampton – There is a reduced service operating from Southampton for those children attending school; Wheelers are currently offering the following times for pupil pick-ups: Green Lane 08.15, Balmoral 08.20, Bedes Lea 08.25.  Should you wish to attend school, have put in a request and need a different pick up, please let us know.

Mr McKavanagh (Head-teacher)