Important – Staff Email Changes

UPDATED – 31st Aug 10am

Please note.

Our email has now switched over to Gmail.

Over 631297 Emails have been transferred to the new system, plus Calendars & Contacts.

Please note although I have transferred us to GMAIL your actual email address remains the same;  eg.

You will not be able to login to school email from home unless you come onto the school site and update your password. The reason for this is because Google cannot handle password requests for us. So you have to set your password here, for us to update Google.

You do not need to see me to do this, just login to your PC and change it.

However you may need to see me if;

  • Your user name does not contain your full surname. eg: Willcoc (ks)
  • You have been using a different username but are now married and have changed names.
  • Your username was changed to avoid spam.

It is very important to avoid loss of service that you follow the below instructions.

  • Do not login into the old OWA system, if you try to it will say your disabled.
  • Do not try and use the old OWA system to reset your password.
  • Do not try to reset password using your school Google account.  
  • Any OWA mobile emails apps will stop working on your phones / ipads etc.
  • If you wish to have email on your mobile device please use the Gmail App.

If you have updated your password in school please update your bookmarks on your home computer. This is the URL you need to access email.

IT Support