Dear parents and students;

I do hope that you are all keeping well and staying safe at this difficult time.  Thank you parents for all your support for pupils at home with their education.  I realise that this will present its challenges at times, but please don’t be too anxious or worried if your son/daughter has found it difficult to do the work and has expressed this.  I can assure you that it would be no different in school either!  It is part of their learning process and they will be able to demonstrate all of their habits of mind, including resilience and self-management.  If you are having any difficulties at the moment and given that many vital services are closed, please do contact us at the school, and we will try and help as best we can.  I have added some information below about opening times for the school office, the Food Bank, Easter Provision and support with on-line learning.  

School office – for the duration of the school closure the office will only be partially opened some mornings.  Messages will be picked up and dealt with every other day.  All messages will be passed on to the relevant person so that they can get back to you but there will be a delay in response.  If you have a more urgent query then please email: which is checked throughout the day.

Food Bank – During these times if you find you are in Food Poverty please contact the Community Office via email.

Easter Break Provision for Key Workers – From Monday 6th April RCS Ltd in partnership with 360 Sport will be providing childcare provision to Key Workers over the Easter holidays, free of charge at Romsey School.  Parents wishing their children to attend should contact to request a booking form for the programme. Activities on offer will be sport, art and craft and cooking as well as board games.  There will be no school-based educational activities on the school site during the Easter break.

Message for Year 11 pupils and their parents.

We have now received some information about how your GCSE grades will be awarded.  Mr Marks will be sending out more detailed information about this process in due course but essentially it will include some combination of information from Teachers’ estimated grades and prior attainment information as well as evidence from work samples including trial exams and non-examination assessments.

On-line educational activities.

We have received a number of calls over the past two days regarding access to the on-line resources, password resets and the parental access to the portal.  If you are experiencing any problems please refer to the information below;

For all Parent Portal queries please email

If your child cannot access their Google Classroom please check that they have closed all browsers, signed out of all other Google accounts on their computer/phone and they are using their email address ( to log in.

If they are still unable to log in please contact


for a password reset.

Students if you have forgotten your password to access Google Classroom or Gmail. You can get it reset for you by completing the below or by clicking on the Student Closure page on the main school website.

First go here and report that you need help

Request help:

When you receive a notification that your password has been reset (by email/txt/phone)

  1. You now need to go here:
  2. Click the Green login button (top right)
  3. Enter your school username
  4. For the password enter:  07Realsmart19!
  5. You will then be asked to create a new password,
  6. It will ask you for your OLD password just enter: 07Realsmart19!
  7. Now pick a new password, do not pick a password you have already used.

If you are still stuck email

For all School work-related queries please contact your child’s teacher via Google Classroom.

Mr McKavanagh (Head-teacher)