There are around 10,000 books in the School Library.  These include a wide range of fiction titles suitable for all reading abilities.  Pupils in Year 9 and above can also choose from the teenage collection.  The book stock is updated regularly and there are many of the popular series in the Library together with selections of graphic novels, Manga titles and shorter reads.  There are lists of recommended reading available on the RLP in the Library section.

A wide range of non-fiction titles support all the curriculum areas.  Pupils are encouraged to make use of the library resources for homework assignments as well as carrying out research in class.

The library also has a selection of E-resources available for use by pupils.  These include The Day, a current affairs newspaper resource, Issues which has articles on many topics covered by the curriculum, the Guardian and Observer Archive and SCRAN, which has information and a wide range of copyright-free images.   All the E-resources are available on the RLP via the link on the front page and can be accessed from home too.

Accelerated Reader

Pupils in KS3 who require extra help with literacy may follow the Accelerated Reader programme.  It is a programme designed to boost literacy levels and give pupils opportunities to practice reading and allows careful monitoring of their progress.  The scheme is run from the library, from where pupils select their reading books.   There is a link to the Home Connect element of Accelerated Reader on the RLP in the Library area.  This allows parents to follow their child’s progress on the scheme.  More information on this programme will be provided to the parents of participating pupils. 
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