Our Open Evening for September 2023 entry is on Thursday 6 October 2022 from 5.00-7.30pm. Our Headteacher’s presentations for prospective families will take place at 5:30pm and 6:30pm. The national deadline for Year 7 applications is 31 October 2022, so this will give plenty of time for families to make a decision about the right secondary school for their child following their visit.

Choosing the right secondary school for your child is one of the most important decisions you’ll make as a parent – we know that and we’re here to support you. What will suit one child will be very different from what may support another, so having an understanding of the school’s ethos is essential.

At The Romsey School our lived experience of ‘Compassionate Excellence’ means that we aspire, care and include.  These values result in young people who are inspired, confident and fulfilled.  Students leave our school ready to rise to the challenges of their future.

We have four houses in each year group of 230. That means we’re large enough to be able to offer a broad and balanced curriculum, whilst not being so large that your child may become lost in the crowd. Our teachers pride themselves on the relationships and rapport they build with children as soon as they join us for their five-year journey. From day one, your child isn’t just starting a new school, they’re joining The Romsey School family.

Traditional values underpin our approach to caring for your child, creating a framework that encourages well-mannered, self-disciplined young people who go on to success in whatever future they envisage for themselves.

One of the first steps in order to achieve the key priority above is to clarify the rights, responsibilities and expectations for all members of our community and ensure that these are met. Therefore we have worked with our Student Leaders to develop ‘The Romsey Charter’ which outlines these for students, staff and parents.  They are found here and we hope that this will be a very helpful reference point for us all.

One of the parental responsibilities as listed in the charter is that you “support your child in their learning and the school in maintaining high standards”. With regard to “high standards”, we have developed the ‘Romsey Expectations’ which are the shared rules with which all students should comply. They are found here for your information.

Our Prospectus is available here!