Romsey School Bird Box – Baby Birds

About two weeks ago, some of the schools ASD staff noticed that we had a couple of Blue Tits flying around our school birdbox. Having had the camera installed in the birdbox for quite a few years and nothing ever visited or made its home here we quickly switched on the camera.

To our delight the birdbox camera displayed a fresh family of Blue Tits snug in there new home. 6 Babies had been born and were being fed on a hourly basis by a happy mum & dad Blue Tit.

The IT department setup a live feed so all the school computers could see inside the birdbox.

Here is a small selection of images from about a week ago.. as you can see the babies have grown and are near the point of leaving there current home.

Sadly 1 of the 6 babies hasn’t made it.


birdbox-01 birdbox-03 birdbox-05 birdbox-06