Climate change strike

You will be aware that there is another climate change strike tomorrow, which I am supportive of and will authorise absence as long as there is parental permission.

There are a number of conditions;

  1. They have written to me directly – either via letter or email
  2. Their parents have confirmed their attendance is something they wish
  3. They are attending an official strike meeting place – nearest is Southampton or Winchester
  4. There are present for Registration and period 1 if they are attending the Southampton strike which starts at 11.00am unless they have good reason not to – eg attending official event in somewhere like London. If they are attending the Winchester event, which is at 10.00am, they should return to school after the event.
  5. They are not found wandering around Romsey – there is no official meeting there.

I need to know that they are safe so they cannot just leave because their friends are.
Many  thanks

Colm McKavanagh