Coronavirus IMPORTANT UPDATE 2nd June – Year 10 Students & Parents.


 Dear parents and students;

I am writing to you again to outline arrangements for the return of Year 10 pupils to Romsey School in line with the guidance received from the Department of Education. Below is a time-line which summarised arrangements for the return from 15th June 2020.

Year 10 return: – time-line

  1. During the week of the 15th June, Student Support staff including your tutors and Progress Leader can make appointments with Year 10 pupils and vice versa, who may be concerned about returning to school.  Please can you or your parents contact the member of staff directly about this.  It may well be that these appointments are on-line, or by telephone or in school but we want to provide a bit of flexibility over this in order to meet everyone’s needs, given that a quarter of you felt this was important.
  2. From the w/b 22nd June, there will be a return to lessons.  These will not follow your normal time-table, nor will all pupils be in at once.  As I have previously mentioned, these lessons are not compulsory and many parents will wish to keep their children at home even if schools do return.  A maximum of 25% of the Year 10 population will be in at any one time – 62 pupils.
  3. The groups will be based on those who study Triple Science and those who don’t
  4. Pupils will be allocated to a teaching group which they will have for all their English, Maths and Science lessons. They will be in this group for the remainder of the year and will always be in the same three classrooms
  5. Pupils will have the core subjects on Monday to Wednesday but they may not be in every day – this will depend on numbers.
  6.  Parents/Carers must give consent for their son/daughter to attend lessons and must register their interest using the following on-line registration form https://forms.g le/WrLU3NiY28c8knmUA by Wednesday 10th June 2020. You will then be contacted with the dates on which your child is welcome in school.  It will not be possible for any pupil to just turn up on the day for school. This is for health and safety reasons.

In order that you are clear about what you can realistically expect upon return, I have summarized this below.  There is a more extensive video coming out at the end of this week but follow this link for a trailer video;

  1. On-line learning will continue for all year groups including Year 10 for those who do not wish to come into school and on days when those attending are not in school
  2. Where possible, pupils will always have the same three teachers for English, Maths and Science.  It is possible that it may be your current class teacher but this cannot be guaranteed.
  3. There will be no social mixing between the groups (bubbles) during this time and they have been allocated a social area on the field. Social bubbles(teaching groups) will not be allowed to mix. This means that during break and lunch you will not be able to meet and talk to all of the friends whom you want to.
  4. There are two 30 minute breaks during the day, Monday to Wednesday.
  5. Option subjects will run on Thursday and Friday – two extended periods for each option block with a break in between.  Therefore the days will start later on Thursday and Friday and end earlier. Realistically, there may well be only one opportunity for all pupils to attend an option lesson before the end of the academic year
  6. Because there will be more social mixing on Thursday and Friday during lessons, all pupils will then have a week off being in school and not return until the following Monday.
  7. Transport from Southampton is available for those who normally use public transport. This is in line with recommendations from the Department of Education.  You will be able to sign up for this service when registering your son/daughter for the Year 10 Provision using the link above. Pupils arriving by bus, must wait on their seat upon arrival at school until they are directed to leave the bus and go to their registration stations on the field.

Health and Safety upon return: – We already have in place, all of the hygiene measures that you would expect because we have had in a cohort of pupils who are children of key workers.  This includes signage, hand sanitizer etc for all classrooms that we are using. We will have canteen facilities and I would encourage you all to use these because we are able to track and trace the source of the foods and minimise infection.  It is for this reason that no ‘sharing snacks’  e.g. crisps, sweets etc will be allowed to be brought onto the school site.  Pupils may bring their own lunch, but this will have to be eaten separately and not shared with anyone.  Pupils should bring their own bottle of water and take it back home with them.  We will however have drinks available to purchase on the school site. Once we know who is planning to return we can give more information regarding these matters.

Each class group will have its own area on the field, weather permitting of course.  If there is inclement weather, then the class will need to return to their classrooms.  Every group will have the same three classrooms for English Maths and Science and therefore we maintain groups together. There is a lot of detailed information about how we have minimised the risk of transmission on our risk assessment, which can be found on the school’s website.

Much of this is also summarized in the Video.


Personal belongings and Pupil work

Pupils should bring their own equipment to school including all pens, pencils etc.  Any material which is given out by teachers to pupils should remain with the pupil and be taken to and from school for the duration of the term.  Teaching staff will be unable to take in exercise books to mark them.  Instead they will provide guidance on this using the Google Classroom.  Some teachers for example may wish you to photograph your work and submit it to the Google Classroom.  Others may wish you to use a mark scheme to self-assess.  How this is done, is being determined within each faculty.   

Transport: – The buses from Southampton are available and they are modified to take a maximum of 22 pupils each.  Therefore we can accommodate all of the Year pupils who normally travel from Southampton and potentially have room for others who currently travel by train and would prefer not to.  The bus company is willing to vary routes to enable this to happen.  Please contact the finance office if you are keen to use this facility and don’t already do so. Pupils who wish to wear any Personal Protective Equipment may do so. Local Authority transport will continue and have all of the necessary measures in place for a reduced number of pupils. Parents who wish to bring their children by car can do so but must not get out of the car and in the afternoon cannot come on to the school site to wait in the car-park until after the buses have left.  It is unlikely that there will be mini-bus transport available from Landford; please look out for important updates on this matter.

Personal safety of Year 10 pupils: – It is likely that more of you will walk to school socially distanced or even on your own.  It is for this reason that we want you to wear your full school uniform and please wear it with pride.   In these difficult times, a return to some sort of normality is what we all need. During very hot weather, you will not be required to wear your blazer but it should not under any circumstances be swapped for a hoodie or other garment which you have been wearing during the lockdown.

Year 10 Children of Key workers or who have EHCPs: – It will not be possible for Year 10 children of key workers to be in both social groups (bubbles) of pupils at school. Parents will need to make a choice as to whether they continue to remain with the cohort who has been together for the past 10 weeks or to join the Year 10 lessons.  Parents of children with EHCPs should contact Mrs Thomas (Learning Support Department) or Mrs Anderson(ASC Resource Base) for further information regarding provision.

Further communications:- Over the next two weeks, more steps will be taken to prepare the school for Year 10 return.  We will provide further guidance about how we will continue to offer on-line learning through Google Classroom for other year groups and those Year 10 pupils whose parents do not wish them to attend school during this academic year.

Mr McKavanagh (Head-teacher)