Free Your Feet

The school is current working in partnership with the charitable organisation ‘Living Streets’ to take part in an exciting project entitled ‘Free Your Feet’.  This project encourages as many members of our community as possible to take part in physical activity by walking or cycling to school, or taking part in more physical exercise in the evenings.  This will of course promote healthy lifestyles and also save on our carbon footprint at the same time.  Please see for more details. We are encouraging everyone, even staff to take part but this will not involve Year 11 unless they want to take on the challenge.
If feasible, please can you encourage your child to take part in the project during the ‘challenge week’ next week?  Even if you live far away, walking in the evening or getting a different bus stop that is further away also count.  Your child will not only benefit from the positive impacts explained above, they will also have the chance to win a £50 shopping voucher.