During the Easter break Year 10 Geographers from The Romsey School travelled to Iceland for an unforgettable experience. 

Within an hour of arriving at Keflavik Airport it became apparent that there would be an opportunity to see the magical Northern Lights. The group were taken to a viewing station 45 minutes South of Reykjavik and soon found themselves gazing at the luminous green sunset, famously known as the Aurora Borealis. At a second location, through parted clouds, pupils could see a ribbon of green flickering above their heads.

Next day the group embarked upon the Golden Circle Tour which includes the powerful Gulfoss waterfall and the geyser Strokkur which erupts every 5-10 minutes with incredible force. The last stop of the day was at Pingvellier, one of two places on earth where you can see the Mid-Atlantic Ridge from above ground. Here it is possible to see the North American Plate and in the distance the Eurasian plate, which are moving apart at the same rate as finger nails grow.

In the evening, there was a relaxing stop at the Blue Lagoon, where following the compulsory face masks everyone emerged feeling completely rejuvenated.

On the last full day, the pupils experienced the waterfall Seljalandsfoss followed by the black sandy beaches and the basaltic columns at Reynisfjara Beach. Afterwards at the Eyjafallajökull museum the pupils were treated to a question and answer session from the owner of the museum who was present when the volcano erupted in 2010. The eruption caused local disruption as well as enormous disruption to air travel in Western and Northern Europe for a 6-day period.

Following lunch besides the beautiful Skögafoss waterfall, pupils embarked on a 3-hour hike with crampons and ice axes on the glacier Solheimajökull; they were accompanied by experienced glacier guides who explained all about the shrinking glacier.

Trip Leader, Geography teacher Emily Slade said, “Once again the trip was extremely successful, the pupils learnt a huge amount from the geographically rich environment that Iceland offers and that they have made memories that will last them a lifetime. We also we received numerous comments from airport staff, cabin crew and guides complimenting the pupils on their manners and enthusiasm.