Inter-House Spelling Bee

Speeling BeeSpelling was the cause of much excitement as the fifth annual Inter-house Spelling Bee took place this week at The Romsey School.  Eight teams of finalists from years 7 – 9 lined up on stage and attempted to spell such tricky words as authoritative, euphoria, repercussion and omelette. The event was compered by Science teacher, Mr Munday and Mr Bettiss and Headteacher, Mr McKavanagh shared the role of the Spellmaster.

The contest was very close but the gap widened in the final round when teams had to spell as many words correctly as possible from their chosen category of easy, medium or difficult.  Marsham 1 team forged ahead as they were extremely quick with their spellings, scoring 50 points in that round, and went on to win the competition.

Mr McKavanagh congratulated them on winning and praised all the pupils who took part.  The Marsham 1 team, Raine Estales, Mia Ewing and Conor Wright were delighted to be presented with the house cup for Marsham, certificates and vouchers. This was Raine’s third year as a member of the winning team, which is a very impressive achievement.