Reading Quizzes at Romsey School

Big Quiz

Pupils at The Romsey School have been showing their extensive book knowledge recently. A team of four pupils recently represented the school in the Hampshire Literary Quiz; they were a very respectable third in the regional round.

The following week saw the annual Big Reading Quiz taking place every day in the school library. The library was packed on the first day with teams answering questions on everything literary, from Harry Potter to The Hunger Games.

Each day some teams were eliminated with five left to battle it out in the final which was held on World Book Day. The winners were the team with the longest name; Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore. The team members, Jessica Booth, Sophie Lambert and Eunice Bayawa from Year 9 and Philip Gibbs from Year 10, were each delighted to receive their prize of a book token and a certificate.