Young Entrepreneurs Trade the Classroom for the Marketplace

Romsey School Enterpise Project Winning Team

Romsey School Enterpise Project Winning Team

For five days Year 10 pupils at The Romsey School became young people in the world of work. School uniform was replaced with smart work wear and board meetings and training seminars rather than school lessons were the order of the day. 

For the first three days the pupils competed against each other, in the style of “The Apprentice” creating their own money-making ventures. They presented their business plans and products before a team of judges.

The teams were supported by members of Romsey Rotary and had their own business ‘mentors’ in Craig Buckingham (Hamilton, Parker and Buckingham Estate Agents), Chris Riley (Michael Rhodes Estate Agents), Wayne Palmer (Thinking Space Solutions), Louise Broomfield (Asher Broomfield Solicitors), Charlotte Moore (Crabapple Resource Ltd) and School Governor Sheila Caine.

The best two teams were then given a further day to finalise their ideas before taking them to the public and selling from market stalls, kindly provided for the day by Waitrose in Romsey. The two winning teams were ‘Ecolectic’ selling decorative logs containing tea lights and ‘Regiment’ who sold vinyl record bowls, postcards and pictures of Romsey.

Meanwhile, back at school, but still in business attire, the remaining pupils, supported by yet more local business people, focused on the future. Further education providers, Romsey Rotary members and school governors, spoke about apprenticeships and careers and helped students develop their thoughts about what comes next. Throughout pupils tackled a variety of problem-solving tasks and gained valuable insights into their own strengths and skills as well as how to promote these to others.