We place a very high value on enabling our students to develop into happy, healthy young people who are able to approach life’s challenges with resilience. Therefore we strive to ensure that the Student Support and Care at Romsey School is second to none. Every member of staff is expected to do all that they can to care for all our students. Similarly, every student is expected to do all they can to care for others within their school community. 


All staff have extremely high aspirations for student behaviour, uniform, attendance and attitude and we will not accept anything but the best as we believe this is the only way that full potential can be realised. Similarly, we celebrate each pupil’s efforts using encouragement and a variety of school rewards. For example, we have recently adopted a ‘My Child at School’ app which means that our parents and students are notified when a student gains a credit in class; this immediate feedback engenders a real pride in our students’ work and a motivation to aim for even more. 


The role of the Tutor is particularly important in supporting our children. Tutors see the children every morning and they are the first ‘port of call’ for our young people if they have any problems or need any encouragement. Tutor groups act as an ‘in school family’ for mutual support and care, and tutors get to know the students really well. Most tutors stay with their tutor group throughout the five years they are under our care and this enhances their working relationships. Tutors also monitor the students’ behaviour, uniform, attendance, attitude and progress; crucially celebrating their successes and supporting where intervention may be needed. Tutors also work really closely with parents and communicate as appropriate where encouragement or support may be required. 


The oversight of the care of students is the responsibility of the five Progress Leaders (Heads of Year). Their teams include their tutors and Pastoral Support Workers. The latter are non-teaching members of staff who are available to support students with any issue they may have at almost any time. Each member of our Senior Leadership Team is also linked with a Year Group to help manage Student Support. These teams are supported by Mr Bettiss (Assistant Headteacher) and Mr Marks (Deputy Head). The Student Support Team works closely with outside agencies and parents to ensure the best possible provision.