Author Panel

A group of Year 8 pupils from The Romsey School had the opportunity to take part in a discussion panel with two authors of Young Adult fiction. Sara Barnard and Muhammad Khan gave a short talk about their books which was followed by pupils firing some thought-provoking questions at them.

Sara spoke about her book, A Quiet Kind of Thunder, which is about a girl who is a selective mute who befriends a boy who is deaf. Her latest book is Goodbye Perfect which addresses topics such as keeping secrets and friendship.

Muhammad has just published his first book and told pupils that he still often thinks of himself as a Maths teacher, which was his previous career. His book, I Am Thunder, tackles a subject which has been much in the news in recent times, radicalisation and assumptions that people make about Muslims.

Librarian, Fiona Crowther said, ‘Pupils enjoyed the opportunity to meet these two interesting authors and finding out about their writing process and how they developed ideas for their books. The final question from one of the pupils put them on the spot when they were asked to sum up their latest books in three words.’