CoronaVirus – Update 4th May 2020


Dear parents and students;

I am writing with my weekly update so that you are aware of any changes to how education is going to be provided next week. Firstly, the school will continue to be open for children of key workers, children who have vulnerable status (receiving support from the Early Help Hub, Children’s Services or with an allocated Social Worker including Looked After Children) or have an Education Health Care Plan (EHCP) and there will be a continuation of the full educational programme. If you have not already registered for emergency child care provision and/or education at the school during closure, and wish to do so, please follow the link below.

You can also find this link on the School Closure page of the School Website. If you have registered for the provision, you should be receiving an email from Mr Bettiss towards the end of every week asking you to confirm your requirements for the following week. Please contact him directly at for any queries.

Please also note that as Friday 8th May is a Bank Holiday, the Community Office will be providing childcare in school. This needs to be booked separately for the Friday only by visiting the following site:

Year 11 GCSE results update – I am aware from feedback on the Year 11 survey that Year 11 pupils would appreciate an update on what will happen about their GCSE results. I wanted to let you all know that currently your teachers are working hard to ensure the correct grades are put forward to your exam boards and that they reflect your hard work during your time at Romsey School. These grades are based on your class work, home-learning, mock exams and any non-examined assessments you will have completed during your time at school. Exam boards are being told that they must apply a statistical model to the grades which they receive from us. This model is still being finalised, but rest assured, you will be in a good position as results historically at Romsey School have always been good. The Government has told us that Results Day will still be on Thursday 20 August this year. However at the moment we are unsure of what this will look like but will keep you updated as soon as we have any more information. Please do not ask the teachers what grades they have given as OFQUAL, the Government organisation who oversee qualifications, has told us that we cannot share grades with pupils. If you have any concerns about any of this, please do get in touch with us.

Update on returning to school – You may have seen in the press that a suggested date for return to school is 1st June. This was the date that the Head-teachers’ union ASCL advised was the earliest schools could indeed return as long as ample warning was provided. It is not a confirmed date and we will only receive this from the Department of Education once there has been clearance from the scientists working with the Civil Contingencies Committee (COBRA) that they believe it will not cause a second peak of Coronavirus cases. It is highly likely that if we are able to return to school this academic year it will be a phased return. We will follow the guidance we receive but will certainly wish to prioritize our Year 10 cohort which has examinations next academic year. I realise that the current situation is putting massive pressure on parents, many of whom are trying to juggle the pressures of home education with their own working commitments. We appreciate all you are doing and staff are very grateful for your endeavours to ensure that the children continue to learn. Please do continue to let us know if there is anything we can do to help and make the situation as good as possible. Our staff are really working hard at this, they value the feedback and it is important that they receive the positives as well as the concerns. To get through this is going to take a massive team effort on the part of the community.

I would like to remind you of the guidance which Mr Lawrenson sent out last week as we progress towards a more interactive learning programme. We appreciate the feedback from pupils who are keen to have explanations to the work set and early indications are that this is in preference to opportunities for video interactivity with the teacher. This is information I have fed back to staff already. The specific guidance can be found by accessing the following link; The most important thing for pupils is that they have some sort of structure to their day, to ensure their well-being.

Parent support – please do get in touch if you are finding circumstances difficult given that many vital services are closed. You can be assured of our discretion and support. I have retained the information below from last week’s letter about opening times for the school office, and the Food Delivery service. Please email the school directly, including information about who you wish to speak to.

School office – for the duration of the school closure the office will be open every morning. Messages will be picked up and dealt with daily. All messages will be passed on to the relevant person so that they can get back to you but there will be a delay in response. If you have a more urgent query then please email: which is checked throughout the day.

Food Deliveries – During these times if you find you are in need please contact the Community Office via email.

Best wishes

Mr McKavanagh (Head-teacher)