Year 10 pupils from The Romsey School had a wonderful opportunity to use their language skills when they visited Cupernham Junior School to take part in a Languages Day, organised by Mrs Karen Bolton, who is the languages co-ordinator at Cupernham.

The 27 pupils worked with Years 3 – 6 throughout the school day on a range of activities related to countries and languages. Year 3 pupils were studying France, Year 4 Italy, Year 5 Spain and Year 6 Germany.  In the morning, most pupils helped with Year 3, learning about colours and numbers in French. A few brave pupils ran a German workshop, while others ran a Spanish workshop teaching various groups of Year 4 and 6 pupils during ‘Speed lingo’ sessions.

Languages teacher, Mrs Virginie Miller pointed out that “Despite having only started to learn German or Spanish in September, they were absolutely brilliant when teaching numbers, greetings and colours.”  One of the highlights was a full hour spent performing the Can Can with Year 3 pupils. Izzy Lyons was particularly enthusiastic, “My favourite part was definitely with the Year 3s singing the French songs and getting to know them better. I also loved learning the Can Can.”

Pupils had the opportunity to taste food from various countries; from Germany they tasted German sausage, salami, rye bread, Sauerkraut (cooked cabbage) all of which were remarkably popular, and from Spain, tortilla (Spanish omelette) and chorizo.

In the afternoon, Romsey pupils helped with artistic workshops, this included making a butterfly in the style of Matisse with colourful pieces of paper, or a poster to represent a section of the Berlin wall, with graffiti included. Morgan Pearce said afterwards, “It was a fantastic and I particularly enjoyed doing the arts and craft with the Geckos (Year 3) towards the end of the day.”

Mrs Miller added, “The day was such a success, and I very much hope that it will be possible to organise more language related events with colleagues and pupils at Cupernham Junior School in the future.”